Don’t Pay Upfront For The Latest in Parking Technology

Building owners and operators need to ensure they’re offering the latest in mobility and payments technologies in their car parks. In the past this has meant upgrading the parking systems and equipment every five to seven years with expensive products requiring large capital investments and long depreciation cycles.

At the end of the product life, the parking technology has been superseded and is no longer relevant and doesn’t meet the service standards of the time.

Heard of Software As A Service?

Try Watermelon As A Service

Watermelons As A Service is simply a combination of the parking hardware and software provided together as a
subscription service model to offer building owners and operators the latest in parking technology and services and also includes the cost of installation and the ongoing maintenance, support and upgrades of the hardware and software over the term of the contract.

WAAS provides building owners and operators an Evergreen Solution that ensures building owners and operators are offering the most efficient and relevant parking technology services at their car parks that will continue to improve and evolve during its product life.

WAAS combines the parking hardware and software together into a single monthly subscription fee without any upfront cost or capital investment.

  • Latest Parking Technology
  • Evergreen Solution
  • No capital investment
  • Evolving Intelligence
  • Future Technology Today
  • Technology FOMO
  • No Upfront Costs
  • Faster Implementation
  • Maintenance & Support
  • No Unexpected Costs
  • Cyber Security
  • Custom Integration

How WAAS Works

We have a simple and efficient 5-step installation process.
You will be kept in the loop the whole way through.

Step 1

Group 12

Begin your Watermelon as a Service agreement, with one low monthly fee.

Step 2

Set Up

We’ll configure your new Watermelon Parking system around your business objectives.

Step 3


Within days of starting your service with us, your Watermelon Parking hardware will be delivered.

Step 4


A technician comes onsite to install the hardware and connect it with your online Watermelon Parking system.

Step 5


You’re ready to start taking visitors with your new Watermelon Parking management system.

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