Watermelon Parking

About Us

Pioneering Parking System Technologies

Our Story

The Watermelon contactless parking system is an Australian owned and developed parking system and is the latest product offering by PARKIQ – the parking technology company established by Brett and Garth Mathews the original founders of the Secure Parking Group.

PARKIQ have been responsible for innovating and delivering world first technologies in the parking industry such as car park booking systems, car park credit cards, parking loyalty & rewards systems and parking data reconciliation and reporting systems.

The parking technology developed by PARKIQ was originally developed for and used exclusively within the Secure Parking portfolio and is currently used across 100s of sites worldwide and is a fundamental reason for the success of the Secure Parking business.

From 2020 this technology and the new Watermelon contactless digital parking system is now available to be used by private building owners and car park operators worldwide.

Our Mission

PARKIQ harnesses 40 years of experience operating 1000s of car parks and 100s of different types of parking technology worldwide.

This experience has been embedded in the design and development of our systems resulting in simple and user-friendly platform with the latest features and functionality to enable building owners and operators to efficiently and intelligently operate their own car parks.

Our systems are designed to ensure maximum convenience to customers and equip building owners and operators with the tools to operate their car parks with the lowest possible operational and maintenance costs and offer the highest level of stability and reliability to ensure that the car park performance and profits are maximised.

The digital and cloud-based architecture of the system has been designed to evolve with new technology advancements and the adoption of new technology in the mobility and payments sector and allow for easy integration with third-party APPs.