More pulp, less rind.

Control your data

Watermelon systems provide unrivalled data capabilities, with granular analysis and powerful optimisation tools. Our unique technology allows operators to easily compile and compare their data, to drive operational efficiencies and increase revenue.

  • Cloud based storage and technology
  • Complete control and easy management
  • Easy to access, organise and compare
  • Intuitive and simple user interface

Cost efficiencies

Watermelon systems offer significant operational cost efficiencies, based upon industry averages of 5 year ownership, when compared to legacy industry products.

  • No expensive call-out charges
  • No preventative maintenance
  • No perishable moving pieces
  • No paper consumables
  • No cash handling

Proven experience

Developed by operators, for operators, Watermelon translates decades of industry experience into features that will transform your operations and bottom line.

  • Experienced technicians
  • Expert designers
  • Software engineers
  • Customer support specialists
Support for your operations
Years of industry experience
Technical and management personnel

Giving back

Progress has the greatest impact when organisations with shared values work together to serve their communities. That’s why we’ve established a give back foundation to support the people that need help the most within the communities that we’re active in. More information coming soon.

Join the parking revolution.
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