Watermelon Parking

A Compact and Powerful System

Multiple Payment Options

Our cashless and ticketless terminals accept multiple payment options including LPR, QR, NFC, RFID, EMV and PIN.

Low Operation and Maintenance Costs

Save up to 80% on operational and maintenance costs with a completely digital system.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Receive greater vehicle volumes and higher turnover and patronage at your property with an efficient access control system.

Software to Manage your Carpark on the Cloud

Granular Data Reporting in Real Time

Get real-time data from each car park into a cloud database with Sypha.

Parking Rate Management

Manage parking rates and vouchers across all your sites in one place. with Rates Engine.

Access to Industry-Leading 3rd Party Apps

Connect your car park to the world’s most popular parking apps and mobility platforms with Watermelon World API.

Book 24/7, Take Payments Online

Our integrated system allows for an always-on booking system allowing customers to book, pay all online.

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