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Meriton Retail Precinct Waterloo, Sydney

Parking at Meriton Retail Precinct Waterloo just got an uplift, with Watermelon taking over operations as of January this year.

The Waterloo businesses district has evolved in recent years into a population-dense area, calling a need for sophisticated digital parking. Similar to what the nearby suburb Zetland experienced, Waterloo is undergoing major developments to assist its traffic and infrastructure challenges. Watermelon being introduced to the area then, is part of a positive update. We aim to provide a convenient alternative to people parking on-street or even dangerously, as well as hope more cars in contained parking will contribute to a decrease in vehicle noise pollution for residents. 

The advanced features Watermelon Parking brings to the area, such as our License Plate Recognition System will be a sense of relief for parkers who wish to shop or dine at Meriton or work nearby, in the day or night. Touchless parking likewise adds additional security and ensures a hygienic experience for a high volume of expected patrons.

Try the best parking experience in Waterloo, at 25 Danks St today!