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How Watermelon Parking turned this car park from basic to brilliant

Chequers is located on an arterial road running right through the northern suburbs of Sydney.

Our revolutionary parking system equipment is developed and produced locally by a team of local engineers with more than 50 years of combined parking technology development experience. This enabled us to complete end-to-end installation within just 5 days of building management first contacting us.

The Chequers Car Park now offers multiple modes of contactless access, resulting in a safer and more reliable parking experience for all. Our touch screen terminals are robust and allowed the complex to achieve a fast, contact-free transaction speed of less than 3 seconds. No cash means less risk of contamination and save costs for the operators that would usually be incurred for replenishing and collecting notes and coins.

We were also able to integrate our software with a popular booking app within the same 5 days, to ensure a smooth and easy transition for existing customers and complete connectivity for management. The digital and cloud-based architecture of our system has been designed to evolve with new technology advancements, therefore providing Chequers stakeholders with peace-of-mind, knowing their car park performance and profit margins are being maximised.