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180 George Street, Parramatta

Meriton is proud to introduce 180 George Street Parramatta located in the heart of the Parramatta CBD. Soaring to unprecedented heights, 180 George will set a new standard of living. The cloud-scraping 67 level glass tower is the tallest residential building ever to grace Western Sydney’s skies offering panoramic views like no other. This world-class mixed-use development brings together lifestyle, retail, five-star amenities and 509 homes looking out over Parramatta River to the Sydney CBD skyline and beyond. 


It stands tall as a soaring symbol of a capital city that is reinventing itself as the ultimate lifestyle address at the epicentre of Western Sydney. The onsite amenities include Meriton Suites, Woolworths Metro, Riverfront Restaurants, Existing Cafes/Retail and a Childcare to support a quality urban working environment. Watermelon’s parking solutions provide fast and convenient access to over 500 parking spaces for the residents, visitors, and guests of the property.