Watermelon Parking

Welcome to Watermelon, the parking management software that provides a future-ready approach that’s simple and seamless for both parking operators and their customers. A streamlined and elegant solution, our software revolutionises the way the modern driver experiences parking. With an endless array of benefits for your customer’s, our parking technology offers your business full suite of features enables drivers the ease and simplicity they crave in a parking system.

For Customers

With Watermelon, your parking business can take the customer experience to the next level, all while improving your internal systems with its data-rich, full-service platform. The parking industry is competitive and its growing with emerging technology. Advanced parking software gives your business the edge it needs to entice your customers to give their loyalty to your car park service and retains your drivers well beyond their first parking experience with your company.

Watermelon users enjoy:

  • Dynamic, customer-focused technology
  • An impressive variety of smart payment and access solutions
  • Increased efficiency in every parking encounter
  • Loyalty rewards for members
  • Time saving interactions at each touchpoint
  • A more efficient and enjoyable driving experience

Drivers who use our parking control system have access to extraordinary capabilities that extend far beyond what they expect from a parking solution. Our advantage lies in allowing parking companies to offer customers smart technology that improves their user experience every time they enter your car park.

For Your Business

The parking control benefits for your business run deep and extend far beyond a basic park-and-pay system. With Watermelon, your car park business can tap into a multitude of real time analytics and insights that allow you to stay ahead of the curve. The level of analysis that our software will deliver to your parking operation is unparalleled. Our parking technology is progressive and highly-advanced; sophisticated yet accessible.

The complete parking management system offers a broad range of software products that work hard for your business, including:

  • Streamlined control system
  • Automated membership system
  • Online booking tools
  • Mobile app
  • Billing management system
  • Real-time reconciliation tool

Each feature is designed with the customer experience in mind, giving your parking business the upper hand – providing insight at every touchpoint, driving business your operation, and ultimately building revenue.

Join the most progressive parking companies and put Watermelon to work for your business and watch your parking services potential grow far beyond what your greatest expectations. Connect with our team today to put our parking management solutions into play for your operation.