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Carpark Concierge

Simple and powerful carpark management system

Login to your concierge account on the website

Select site you wish to view from the menu

View live updates of your site using the dashboard

Manage accounts for perm and monthly parkers ie tenants or staff

Search, track and audit transactions in real time

Set up and configure the car park settings such as rates, discounts and operating hours

Parking Solutions

Car Park Concierge

Car park management & customer support system

The Car Park Concierge is a car park management and customer support system designed for automated man-less parking operations. The Concierge system allows building owners and operators to remotely operate and manage the car park providing remote control operations over the key operational and customer service functions at the car park.
The Concierge system has deep functionality with a wide range of operational and management capabilities which enables you to centrally and remotely manage access rules and parking permits in real time. Concierge allows you to reduce staff and offer a fully automated man-less car park which drastically reduces your onsite labour costs, service responsibilities and occupational health and safety risks.
The Concierge is connected to your car park using high speed internet which enables control centre staff to solve operational problems and customer complaints quickly.