Intuitive software to put you in control of your operations.

Through an ever-evolving suite of simple to use software app’s, Watermelon enables greater operational efficiency business transparency and more customer loyalty opportunities than ever before.

Software ecosystem

SyphaGranular data reporting in real time

Sypha leads the way in parking reporting and management systems for owners and operators. It becomes the central nervous system of your business by automatically aggregating data from all your locations to form a perfectly clear picture of your entire operation. Think of Sypha as the hub of your business, seamlessly pulling financial and operational data from all your car parks into one simple easy-to-access portal to assist you in making better business decisions.

  • Real-time reporting & analytics
  • Real-time transaction data
  • Financial & operational reporting
  • Rate projection & management

Customer Connect is more than just a loyalty program. It is a powerful tool at your fingertips to generate return through data and gain influence through targeted marketing campaigns. Our technology allows you to identify each driver as a member with hands-free access control, while also allowing you to keep track of every visit, transforming parking into a membership system.

  • Users can access multiple carparks
  • Certified secure payments portal
  • Centralised rates management
  • User portal provides customers access to their account and history

My Spot is a product of our times, a convenient way to book your parking spot anywhere, anytime. It's perfect for large car parks in shopping centers, sport stadiums and office towers. Immediate credit card payment minimizes the risk of no-shows and facilitates access and exit control.

  • User experience designed website
  • Easy product searching
  • Securely manage credit cards
  • Gift card functionality

Central Pass is a centralised, easy-to-use access and fee management system, for your everyday parkers. The system enables a seamless user access experience to multiple approved locations without the need for either multiple passes, or manual access procedures, and enables centralised remote activation/deactivation of cards across all locations.

  • Centralised access management
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Carpark administrators can easily view and track the movement of users
  • Instantly provide users access to multiple carparks

Park Charge is a one-stop invoicing system designed to suit parking operators of all sizes. It integrates seamlessly into the Watermelon software suite as well as being configurable into your accounting system. Park Charge is also full scalable across any size of parking operation allowing it to grow with your business, meaning that costly upgrades are are a thing of the past.

  • Invoice individual users or corporate accounts
  • Automated invoicing
  • Allows subscription-based models
  • Dynamics rates functionality
  • Real-time bay availability


Watermelon systems have been designed to support the most demanding parking management requirements, and are configurable to work with any operating system or software requirements currently on the market.

Our team of software engineers also offer customisation for operators that require bespoke solutions, or complicated software integration from legacy systems.

Innovative features

Low maintenance
No moving parts minimise cost of operation and improve reliability.

Join the parking revolution.
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