MySpot is a transformative online booking tool that facilitates growth across your digital business strategy, customer base, and the entire breadth of your parking operation. The power of MySpot lies in its capabilities to add real value to your customer’s encounters with your car park systems. In today’s e-commerce world, online purchases have revolutionized the ways modern businesses must behave and perform for their users. Your car park operation is no exception to the world of online commerce and it must be backed by the best technology to stay fluid in the modern digital landscape.

MySpot is a revenue-generating tool that allows customers to pre-book their parking online, much in the same way you would buy a ticket to a movie ahead of time. A popular model in stadiums, shopping malls, and large-scale car parks such as airports are ideally suited to the MySpot technology. Allowing drivers to pre-book their parking with a PIN gives them flexibility, ease, and convenience, which is a precious commodity for today’s busy consumers. MySpot lets drivers book parking on a casual basis rather than a permanent or rigid plan where they are locked into a cumbersome system.

MySpot seamlessly integrates the booking and payment systems into one simple platform. After processing immediate credit card transactions for your customers, MySpot can track and register driver’s actions and behavior patterns. This type of tracking accomplishes two things:

  1. Lets you anticipate future movements and create promotions, price changes, and helps drive financial decision making based on key reporting data, and
  2. Allows you to tailor customised loyalty rewards for returning customers, boosting driver retention and improving revenue for your business.

Implementing MySpot into your car park and replacing an outdated system with a streamlined new solution is a cost-effective business decision that pays off enormously. With MySpot, implementation is simple and it’s a low-maintenance solution that saves your business from hefty repair bills. Installing MySpot in your car park is one of the smartest business decisions you can make for your car park. Not only is MySpot aligned with current trends in how we buy online, but it’s sophistication goes above and beyond what even the most tech-savvy customers would expect from a parking solution. The result is an easy solution that has staying power in the highly competitive parking industry.

Let MySpot do the heavy lifting for your car park’s booking, billing, and online transactions so you can focus more on growing your business, promoting customer loyalty, and creating a seamless parking experience for your drivers.