The Watermelon Terminal

The Future of Parking

The future is bright when car park businesses choose to integrate the Watermelon parking system into their operations. We provide forward-thinking vertical parking solution that looks ahead and anticipates what your business needs from your parking system. The hardware and software that makes up our parking management system is unique and always evolving, just like your business is. Today’s parking needs meet the demands of the future in this full-service solution that has revolutionized the car park operations.

The Watermelon Parking Terminal
The Watermelon Parking Terminal



We take automation to the next level with a wide variety of digital features that improve customer experiences and reporting and reconciliation for your operation. Some of the highlights of automated parking include:

  • Personalised loyalty rewards
  • Access control options
  • Brand-ready customisation control
  • Cashless and ticketless transactions
  • Full-service software suite including reconciliation and advanced analytics
  • Self-service options including membership and tracking systems
  • Online booking capabilities
Watermelon Parking technology interior


For Mobile and Car

In today’s world, mobility is king. For the modern driver, connectivity is an essential component of any successful user experience. Automatic car parking connects your car park business to your customers and their vehicles, all at your fingertips.

Watermelon’s agile software and real-time synchronisation gives your car park operation an edge over competitors who use traditional or outdated parking solutions.

Product Features

Vertical parking allows you to keep up with today’s fast-paced, complex consumer needs. The modern driver demands an automatic parking solution that meets their demands for connectivity and self-service options, as well as surpasses their expectations for how sophisticated yet simple car park technology can be.

Outperforming traditional electromechanical parking machines, our sleek interface unifies the user with leading technology, creating a solution that goes beyond practicality. Compared to traditional parking systems which are bulky, expensive to run and maintain, and are difficult to use, Watermelon boasts a variety of outstanding features, including:

  • Minimal maintenance technology
  • Low cost
  • No moving parts
  • Sleek design
  • High-density LED panel display
  • It’s not just your business that will benefit from Watermelon’s dynamic
  • technology.

It’s not just your business that will benefit from dynamic parking technology. Some of the most impressive benefits for your drivers are:

  • Cashless transactions
  • Smart phone accessibility
  • Paperless – no tickets or receipts
  • Wireless information
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Intuitive design

Real Time Synchronisation

With Watermelon, hardware and software are in sync at all times. High definition displays are adaptable to feature your company’s branding and identification so your loyal customers know that they’re parking with a company they trust.

When a driver uses your car park you’ll both enjoy the full automation that is central to our parking solution. From the sleek interface to the streamlined control system, billing management system, and mobile app; our software brings the most advanced technology together elegantly and efficiently. All aspects of our automatic parking platform are fully integrated with one another so user data and daily insight analytics are ready in real time for your projection and decision-making needs.